Kodak Salon Exhibition

I’ve received the award for Best Documentary Image at the 2011 Kodak Salon, which is exhibiting at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne (Friday 15 April – Saturday 4 June).

The winning image, entitled ‘The Mechanic’, was actually shot from the footpath and through a window (camera pressed against the glass), after midnight earlier this year (I even dashed home to get some window cleaner – how’s that for dedication?). I imagine the mechanic left the office during daylight hours, not realising the light was still on, and the usually ‘one-way’ glass wall became a viewing portal to what I think is a telling portrait.

From the gritty fax machine, oily rag and ‘dirty’ calendars to the debt collection policy and still-life-perfect red apple; I couldn’t have styled it better if I’d tried.

Archival-quality Type-C prints are available at 75x50cm: please contact me for purchase enquiries.

Also above is an image shot the previous year, entitled ‘The Office’, which won best documentary image at the Kodak Salon in 2010. Prints of this are also available for sale.

I hope to continue the theme and extend these works into a series. Street photography, especially shot close to home, is really at the core of my personal work, and it has been a real honour to receive this recognition, two years consecutively.

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